Kathryn Hicklin, Head of Family Law at QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank, said figures by the Office for National Statistics showed 42 per cent of marriages end in divorce, but too many people were still trusting all would be well.

“The cost of divorce has gone up massively in the past decade with a 57% increase in the cost of marital breakup since 2006,” warned Ms Hicklin, whose firm are based in both Coalville and Hinckley.

“It is sad that so many marriages fail, but what is as worrying is so many people don’t take steps to financially protect themselves,” she said.

“With many people marrying later it makes good sense to see a solicitor and get a pre-nuptial agreement drawn,” she advised.

“Some people think this is somewhat unromantic, but it is best to be pragmatic and look at it the same way as a form of insurance,” she said. “After all people are marrying later, having accumulated assets, such as equity in property, and protecting this and saving fights over money if the worst does happen makes sense,” she said.

She also said that statistics showed the vast majority of divorces were for first marriages.

“Some people misguidedly believe that the divorce statistics are skewed by people who have married many times,” she said. “Latest statistics show this clearly is not the case with 71 per cent of divorces being between couples on their first marriage,” she said.

Ms Hicklin said despite divorce being more acceptable in society than it was a generation ago it still remains a difficult process.

“Divorce is very tough on all involved, so it’s vital if you are thinking of divorce that you see an experienced family lawyer at the outset that can help navigate you through what a life changing experience,” she added.

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