Free first advice

At Mander Cruickshank Solicitors, we understand that many people are put off calling a solicitor as they fear incurring large fees before knowing whether the legal problem is solvable.

We ensure that whatever your legal problem, the first conversation you have with one of our legal experts will be free of charge.  This is to enable you to ask questions, and for us to understand what you require and explain what we can do to help.  This ensures that we can identify the main issues, consider what you may need to make decision on, and identify the steps we would need to take to help achieve your goals.

This service is offered free of charge, without any obligation, and in complete confidence.  This service is available over the telephone or at our office, or over our secure skype video conferencing facility (subject to pre-booking and availability of the system).

To get the most out of it, we would recommend that you consider the following:

  • Having a notepad to hand with a list of key facts that you’d like to cover.
  • This is your opportunity to find out whether we can help you.
  • Ask about the costs involved. We promise no hidden fees so there’ll be no unexpected surprises at a later point.
  • Ask about legal aid if you think that this is appropriate for you.

In some cases, the legal action you are planning to take won’t be in your best interest or the work involved may be likely to cost much more than the outcome will be worth to you. So by the end of the conversation, we will have confirmed whether we can help and will provide you with a list of options.

We are here to help so if you’d like to talk to us, please call 01530 510 666.