Coalville law experts say new research shows impact of marriage break-up

One of the region’s leading law experts has advised those going through divorce to seek professional help to reconstruct their lives following research showing the impact of marriage break-up

QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank said nationwide research carried out by QualitySolicitors about divorce showed ongoing help is needed following divorce.

“Findings show 89 per cent of those going through a divorce are worried about their direction in life post-divorce so we believe reconstructing lives is what many are crying out for,” said Kathryn Hicklin, head of family law.

Ms Hicklin said QualitySolicitors research showed two-thirds of divorcing parents are worried about the effects on children, and three-quarters of couples have to completely reassess their finances.

“Additionally, a third of people fear loneliness and there are other alarming statistics surrounding worries about access to children, job opportunities and even accepting a new status in life,” added Ms Hicklin, whose firm has one of the most experienced family law departments in the region.

“What we also found out in this extensive study is 51 per cent of those going through a divorce would welcome more help to get them through what we call this Divoid,” she said.

“With the correct professional help, whatever it may be life can get better sooner rather than later,” she added. “Divorce is an enormously traumatic ordeal and speaking to people like us and other relevant professionals such as medics and financial experts will help point those struggling in the right direction.”

She added that QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank’s first advice is free and anybody wishing to know more about the issues surrounding divorce is urged to call on 01530 510666.

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