Contact with my child in care

If your child is cared for by the local authority, the local authority has a duty to promote and facilitate regular contact to ensure you are able to maintain your relationship with them.

Can I have contact with my child whilst they are cared for by the local authority?

The general rule for contact whilst a child is in the care of the local authority is that the local authority must allow you and your child to have regular contact, unless the local authority have gained permission from the Court to withhold contact.  The local authority cannot withhold contact between you and your child for more than 7 days without permission from the Court.  It is the social worker’s responsibility to assess who your child should have contact with whilst they are in the care of the local authority, such as, siblings and other relatives.  You will be informed about contact arrangements during your child’s Review Of Arrangements meetings or Looked After Child meetings which are chaired by an Independent Reviewing Officer.

How much contact am I allowed with my child whilst they are in care?

How regularly you have contact with your child whilst they are cared for by the local authority is detailed in your child’s care plan.  You can request a copy of your child’s care plan from your child’s allocated social worker or solicitor.

What if I am unhappy with the level of contact the local authority are offering me with my child?

It is important you raise your concerns with your child’s social worker and Independent Reviewing Officer.  You may wish to make proposals in respect of the type of contact you have, how regularly you have contact and explain why you feel these changes would be in your child’s best interests.  

At Mander Cruickshank solicitors we feel contact with your child is extremely important, we strive to get the best outcome for you and your child. We can assist you by explaining documents to you such as your child’s care plan, we can communicate with the local authority on your behalf and provide you with expert legal advice.

Written by Ria Carpenter.

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