Coronavirus Con Artists

We would like all of our clients to be extra vigilant when receiving text messages or emails that purport to be from the Government or HMRC.

Fraudsters are spoofing official government phone numbers and are impersonating the taxman in a bid to get people to hand over money or bank details.

Many of these messages contain links to websites which will attempt to steal information or install malware.

It has been reported that some of these messages state that the recipient is owed a goodwill payment from HMRC and will require bank details to make payment.

We would urge everyone to think twice before clicking on links that are included in a text or email.

Five Tips to avoid number spoofing scams 

1. Do not click on any link or open an attachment on any e-mail or SMS you receive which is unsolicited.

2. Don’t rely on the caller display on your phone or SMS messages – fraudsters can manipulate these. If the text does appear to warn you of a genuine security concern, call the company on a trusted number.

3. Protect your computer and mobile devices with the most up-to-date security software.

4. Do not transfer any funds unless you know and trust the person, and have checked in person that the details are correct and have come from a trusted source.

5. Remember that your bank, the police, HMRC or government will NEVER contact customers and ask them to click on a link to provide information or move money to a ‘safe account’.

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