We’ll put you back in control of your property—at a fixed, transparent cost.


Possession Notices – STAGE 1:  £95 +VAT

Service of a s.8 or s.21 Notice on the tenant, and a professional but strongly worded letter advising them of the implications of not paying the outstanding rent or not moving out.


Court Proceedings – STAGE 2:  £595 +VAT

Possession proceedings. The majority of tenants will have left at the end of Stage 1, however if not we will assist you to obtain a possession order and money judgement order – whilst we are at this stage we will also attempt to secure an early surrender of your property by using our specialist negotiation skills.  We have Country-wide availability and you will receive a full written report of the Court hearing.


Evictions – STAGE 3:  £195 +VAT

In the unlikely event of your tenant still being at the property on expiry of the court order we will help you apply for a warrant of possession. This will mean that the tenants are physically removed from the property.