Appeal driving conviction

Appeal driving conviction

If you have been convicted (found guilty) of a motoring offence after a trial in the Magistrates Court, and you feel that you were wrongly and unfairly convicted, you have the right to make an appeal against the conviction and/or your sentence at the Crown Court.

Mander Cruickshank have extensive experience of representing people at appeals against conviction and appeals against sentence.

An appeal against conviction is a full re-trial of the issues in the case before the Crown Court. This means that the previous verdict will be null and void, and all the facts of the case will be head again.

An appeal against sentence is not a full re-trial, but an appeal limited to the sentence passed by the Magistrates Court, not the conviction itself.

There are strict time limits to bear in mind, it is essential that an appeal is lodged within 21 days, as an appeal made after this time is subject to persuading the court to give you permission to appeal out of time, and there would have to be exceptionally good reasons as to why this was happening.

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