Research shows divorce stigma still alive claims Coalville law expert

New research showing half of couples feel a sense of shame and failure following a divorce has been welcomed by one of the region’s leading law firms.

Kathryn Hicklin, of QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank said the stress people feel as their marriage breaks up needs highlighting to help make the process as painless as possible.

The survey, published in the Daily Mail this month of 1,000 people, also showed that on average it takes almost four years or those divorcing to feel they could get their lives back on track.

“We live in an age where amongst some there is nonchalance about divorce as if it is not a big deal, but for those going through it nothing could be further from the truth,” she said.

The survey also showed that sixty per cent of people lose friends after a divorce with women finding it twice as hard as men to make new friends following a split.

The most recent figures by the Office for National Statistics for 2011 show over 117,000 divorces in that year across the UK, which is lower than record highs in the 1990s

Ms Hicklin said for those thinking of divorcing it is imperative that an experienced family lawyer is called upon as soon as possible.

“As we often say the whole process of divorce is much more than a statistic,” she added.

“It is a very difficult time for all those involved and their friends and families,” she said. “Good advice and strong support is needed to ensure that people can rebuild their lives sooner rather than later.”

“Those involved often feel fragile and lost and we bear this in mind with all dealings, so we can offer the support and reassurance,” she added.

She called on those going through a marriage break up to call at the earliest opportunity.

“We start by offering a free consultation to assess the legal requirements and to discuss what will happen throughout the process,” added Ms Hicklin. “Our standpoint is we do all that is possible to make an extremely difficult time as smooth and straightforward as possible.”

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