Over 40 per cent of marriages end in divorce, and it is following the summer break, and January, following Christmas, that sees an increase in couples parting ways.

Kathryn Hicklin of QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank said it was a pattern that is to be expected.

“When marriages are in jeopardy it is often the case that one of the parties decide to start divorce proceedings following a miserable holiday, which should be when happy couples and families are making great memories,” she said.

“During a summer break couples have been in each other’s company more than most times, and as soon as work life recommences they often take stock as to whether the marriage is worth saving,” she said.

Ms Hicklin whose firm have offices in Coalville and Hinckley said despite years of experience as one of the region’s leading family law experts there is no set formula as to why and when marriages fail.

“It can be that a poor marriage can limp on for years before action is taken, but sometimes a marriage can fall apart very quickly,” she added.

“However, for certain there are times of the year where there are patterns and we are coming to one of those times when family law specialists throughout the land will find themselves busier than usual.”

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