Substandard legal work risking home moves claims Coalville law expert

Homebuyers are being warned their dream moves are under threat due to “substandard conveyancing not fit for purpose”, warns Coalville’s leading legal practice.

The warning from QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank comes at the same time as the Office for National Statistics reports that house price inflation rose by 3.1 per cent in the year to June 2013, whilst the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors showed house prices rising at their fastest rate for almost seven years.

Jim Abbott, a senior partner said the public has to be made aware that poor quality property conveyancing is in some cases leading to sales collapsing in the worst case, and at minimum giving unnecessarily huge amounts of stress to everyone involved in property chains.

Mr Abbott, whose firm has offices in Coalville and Hinckley, said: “I have known people to be in tears because of the heartache and stress all because of substandard conveyancing not fit for purpose.”

“We sometimes hear of buyers going with the firm recommended by the estate agents and then tearing their hair out because they have an unsatisfactory experience dealing purely over phone with the people overseeing the most expensive financial transaction of their lives,” he added.

“Buoyed by some long overdue good news for the housing market there will be those looking to move, but beware that estate agents are acting for the seller so it’s not your interests they have at heart,” added Mr Abbott, whose firm have been in Coalville since 1923.

Mr Abbott, also strongly advised those moving to be certain that their conveyancers are approved by the lenders.

“If your legal representation isn’t approved by the lender then another firm is involved to oversee the work of your conveyancer. This greatly slows down the process and adds terrible stress, which all buyers will agree isn’t worth it.”

He said that property transactions can be very complex and that is why a strong relationship is needed between a home buyer and their solicitor.

“It can be vital that the buyer speaks to his solicitor face to face to see the best way of overcoming issues, other than in a call centre where often you never speak to the same person twice,” he said.

“With most property transactions involving six figured fees nowadays good local law firms making sure that every detail has been looked at correctly, and acting in the buyer’s interest is still unquestionably the safest and wisest legal choice,” he added.

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