Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

We aim to be green

The partners at Mander Cruickshank regard sustainability as an ever developing process, and work hard to do minimise our firms impact on the environment. This is being achieved by:

  • Moving from paper files to electronic working
  • Providing recycling facilities in all offices
  • Encouraging staff to minimise waste
  • Reducing energy consumption by use of LED lighting where possible
  • Encouraging home working
  • Reducing travel for clients and staff by videolink technology

We aim to do more

The partners are committed to further reducing the environmental impact of our firm and have ambitious plans in place to ensure we:

  • Continue to reduce printing volume and paper usage
  • Continue to reduce energy useage
  • Continue and expand the opportunities for recycling
  • Expand the use of technology to reduce travel for clients and staff
  • Speed up the transfer from paper to a full digital electronic office.

Mander Cruickshank strive to be the leading environmentally conscious law firm.