Zero Tolerance Policy

Mander Cruickshank Solicitors LLP employees treat our clients and customers with courtesy and respect and ask for the same in return.

Our staff have the right to carry out their work without violence, abuse, or harassment. Any behaviour verbal or physical, which causes staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or threatened, is totally unacceptable.

The Zero Tolerance policy includes aggression or threats made in person, over the telephone or in written communication. Mander Cruickshank Solicitors LLP consider threatening behaviour to be:

  • Attempted or actual aggressive threatening physical actions made towards any member of staff.
  • The use of aggressive, threatening, or abusive language, (including raising of the voice, swearing, cursing, and shouting) which threatens or intimidates staff.

This policy applies throughout the company. It also applies to any employee or director away from the business premises but only in so far as it relates to the business of the practice.

Mander Cruickshank Solicitors LLP reserve the right to remove any client or customer from their premises and cease to correspond with or do business with them.