Our Fees

Our Fees

How your legal work can be paid for

Depending upon the type of work we are doing for you, there may be different options about how that work is paid for.  We will always discuss our charges and any options which may be open to you at the very start and only proceed on your acceptance.

Private costs

Instructing a solicitor is always an area where there is concern about how much legal advice will cost.   When dealing with matters where we charge an hourly rate, we will be pleased to give you clear and open advice about the costs that you will incur in instructing us to act on your behalf.  We are happy at any stage through your instructions to update you on your costs position.  We aim to keep you informed throughout the work that we carry out for you so that you are clear as to your potential liability for costs.

Fixed Price Estimates

In a number of cases, we will give you an estimate for doing a known quantity of work. This works well with conveyancing costs when you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging a property. It also applies if we are drafting a Will for you or preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney. We give you the fixed price estimate before we start doing any work for you so you are able to budget for it. Our estimate would only ever then need to be revised if we became involved with unexpected work or there are complications.

Fixed Fee Service

For certain type of legal advice matters we offer a fixed fee service where we can assess your legal problem and provide you with initial advice.  In these cases your costs are limited and you are clear about what you will have to pay before you instruct us.  This service may involve a face to face meeting in our office or a solicitor’s letter to a third party to try to help settle matters.  If this does not deal with the legal problem completely we can then give you very clear advice about probable future costs.

Public Funding (Legal Aid)

We are able to offer legal aid within our Criminal, Mental Health and Family Law departments.   Often legal aid can mean that the advice you receive is free of charge to you or has a financial contribution that would need to be paid each month no matter how much work we undertake.  As a matter of course we assess all new clients who wish us to help with crime, mental health or family matters to see if they will be eligible for legal aid at the outset.

Our Fees in more detail

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