Dangerous driving

Dangerous driving

Dangerous driving is a very serious motoring offence. We always recommend that clients seek the help and advice of one of our experienced solicitors at the earliest opportunity, preferably before being questioned by the police.

To be convicted of dangerous driving, the prosecution have to prove being reasonable doubt that your driving was of a standard that “falls far below what would be expected of a reasonable, careful and competent driver”.

Examples of dangerous driving include, but are not limited to: driving at very high speeds, driving aggressively, overtaking where illegal or very unsafe to do so, failing to observe traffic signs or road markings.

Due to the severity of this offence, dangerous driving can be tried either in the Magistrates Court or Crown Court. As well as a mandatory driving ban, prison sentences of up to two years may also be imposed.

Representation and expert advice is crucial for someone charged or under investigation for dangerous driving, and our experienced solicitors have a proven track record of success.