Death by dangerous driving

Death by dangerous driving

Causing death by dangerous driving is an extremely serious allegation. It is almost inevitable that someone convicted of causing death by dangerous driving will receive a prison sentence. These cases can only be dealt with by a Crown Court, and tried by a jury.

A custodial sentence in itself inevitably has a devastating impact on anyone convicted of the offence, particularly as the maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving is 14 years imprisonment. The minimum disqualification period is two years, and requirement to pass an extended re-test.

If you find yourself involved in an incident where the death of another has occurred, then it is vital that you obtain immediate legal advice so that your side of the story, if appropriate, is conveyed to the police in a robust and methodical manner.

To prove the offence the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that your driving would have been obviously dangerous to a reasonable and competent driver, and that the driving was the cause of death to another person.

At Mander Cruickshank, our specialist motoring offence lawyers can help guide you through every stage of the investigation and prosecution. The importance of seeking early expert legal advice cannot be overstated.