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COVID-19 Commercial Lease Implications

How does COVID-19 affect my commercial lease? COVID-19 has already impacted various companies and businesses. Commercial Landlords and Tenants are no different especially as cinemas, theatres, bars, pubs, restaurants, and clubs have been required to close. During this testing time both commercial Landlords and Tenants will want to know what...
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First time buyers benefit from Stamp Duty changes

GOOD News for First Time Buyers, as Chancellor abolishes Stamp Duty for properties below £300,000.00. Philip Hammond announced in his budget on Wednesday the 22nd November 2017, that all first time buyers will be exempt from paying any stamp duty on a purchase of a property that is below £300,000.00...
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Restrictive Covenants: An overview

What is a Restrictive Covenant? It is fair to say the majority of legal titles will contain covenants that affect a property. Not surprisingly, clients do not have the faintest idea what any of these mean, as often, they are drafted using convoluted language. In simple terms, covenants come in...
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Shining a light on Solar Panels: A legal perspective

As I travel across Leicestershire, I see far more roof tops with solar panels fixed on them and whilst I appreciate homeowners motive to install them in order to receive free electricity under the Feed in Tariff (FIT), I always wonder, if they fully understand the legal implications and whether...
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Stamp Duty on Second Homes and Buy to Let Homes

Following the announcement by the Chancellor back in November 2015 regarding the 3% surcharge which will affect all new purchases of second homes and buy to let properties from the 1st April 2016, there is still a large amount of confusion and uncertainty as to who will be affected and...
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