Economic upturn to lead to more divorces says Coalville law expert

A recovering economy will mean the likelihood of an increase in divorces across the East Midlands claims one of the region’s most respected family law experts

Kathryn Hicklin, of QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank said that buoyed by extra money in their pocket those in unsuccessful marriages are more likely to go it alone.

“Research in the United States shows that divorce does rise in more buoyant economic times, most probably due to a belief that those in unhappy relationships can survive financially,” she said.

Ms Hicklin said a study by the Population Research and Policy Review explains that while recession divorce rates among women dropped in 2008 and 2009, they rose back up to in 2010 and 2011 as the economy recovered.

The most recent figures by the Office for National Statistics for 2011 show over 117,000 divorces in that year across the UK, which is lower than record highs in the 1990s.

“With many people choosing not to marry, but co-habit together, statistics are somewhat skewed,” added Ms Hicklin.

She added though that for those thinking of divorcing it is imperative that an experienced family lawyer is seen as soon as possible.

“The whole process of divorce is more than a statistic, but an intensely sad and very human story for those involved and their families,” she said. “Good advice is needed to ensure that as painless a parting as possible is achieved.”

“What all people divorcing have in common is that they are going through a difficult time and we bear this in mind with all dealings, so we can offer the support and reassurance,” she added.

“We offer a free consultation to start with and discuss all the options,” added Ms Hicklin. “In short we do all we can to make a hard time as easy as possible.”

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