Frankie Harwood of QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank said the sale of HSBC’s wills and probate to a business called Simplify Channel Ltd has meant many people are concerned about how it leaves them.
“Over the years we have advised many people who have had wills drafted by HSBC and in most cases the wills appoint HSBC as the executors to act on the will when the person has died,” she said.
“Clients of HSBC have had a letter giving them the option to sign what is known as a codicil to appoint Simplify or another executor of their choice instead of HSBC, or to inform HSBC that the will is no longer valid,” she said.
Clients were sent the letter earlier in the summer and Simplify will not be able to act as executors unless wills are changed,” she added.
Ms Harwood, whose firm are based in Coalville and Hinckley said QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank can help worried HSBC customers who need to obtain proper advice before making a decision.
“”In the majority of cases we would advise clients to make a new will or codicil to amend the executors name in their will and choose a family member, trusted friend  or a reliable local firm of solicitors to help with the administration of the estate,” she said.
“Many of our clients see sense in keeping such important affairs close to home where they know they can easily amend or revisit their will without the worry of dealing with someone based many miles away,” she added.
“We are happy to write to the HSBC to get hold of the wills and make necessary changes,” she said.
Anybody wishing to know more about this or any other queries about wills can contact QualitySolcitors Mander Cruickshank on 01530 510666.