Legal experts Saturday sessions to focus on family law changes

Friends and family concerned about the legal rights and the best paths forward for their loved ones have an opportunity for an informal weekend chat with experts

QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank, one of the best-known law firms in the region, is holding special events on May 18 and 25 offering advice surrounding family law, which includes matters such as divorce, separation, domestic abuse and childcare issues.

Kathryn Hicklin, who heads the firm’s family law department, said the Saturday morning sessions were an opportunity to provide peace of mind for individuals concerned about their own or others, family members or friends, relationship difficulties.

“Since the start of April we have experienced huge changes surrounding legal aid, where practically none is now available for family law disputes except those involving domestic violence,” she said. “This has left many people concerned about the right way forward for themselves or their loved ones.”

She said the Saturday morning sessions were an ideal opportunity for putting minds at ease.

“Many people feel powerless when they are in difficult home situations and we find that once they have some advice it gives them confidence about how they can move forward with their lives,” she added. “There are always those who struggle to face up to such difficulties and come forward so, often we find that the support of a third party such as a family member or a friend can make all the difference.”

Ms Hicklin added that for those unable to attend the sessions QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank can be contacted in the usual ways for further advice on family issues.

“Family law is often a very sensitive area” she said. “We are here to offer advice in the strictest confidence.”

The Saturday morning sessions at the firms’ offices at 101-105 Belvoir Road on the 18th and 25th May are at the normal opening hours between 9am and 12.30pm. No appointment is necessary.

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