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Spring 2020 update

The partners wish to thank all of our staff for their hard work and resilience at what, to be fair, has been a very challenging start to 2020. With the coronavirus pandemic causing economic meltdown across the globe, we are so grateful for having up to date technological systems that...
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Law & Ethics under COVID-19

The Coronavirus Act 2020, with its accompanying commencement regulations and guidance notes, has introduced some extraordinary changes into our legal system in these extremely unusual and difficult times. With all of this new legislation being released, almost daily, it is very easy for legal professionals to become confused (as happened...
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Online paedophile’s exploit COVID-19 lockdown.

Why COVID-19 is creating the perfect opportunities for online paedophiles For many parents, keeping their children at home with them during the COVID-19 pandemic means shielding them from the clutches of the deadly virus. What many parents will be blissfully unaware of however is that another threat may be potentially...
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Coronavirus impact on prosecutions

The Crown Prosecution Service have issued new guidance for prosecutors to adopt during the Coronavirus pandemic. Amongst other things, it requires prosecutors to pay particular attention to the expanding backlog of cases waiting to be heard and that each new case being brought before the Courts will only contribute to...
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Child Arrangement Order compliance during lockdown

Self isolation is impacting my ability to comply with a Family Court Child Arrangement Order, what should I do? A Child Arrangement Order decides where your child lives, when your child spends time with each parent and what form of contact takes place between parents and children, for example, telephone...
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