Solicitor’s still safest place to make a Will, says legal experts

A leading law firm have warned the public that traditional law firms remain far and away the safest place to make a Will.

Mander Cruickshank said incorrectly drawn and lost Wills remain a problem for families dealing with the estates of their loved ones, who haven’t gone down the traditional route of seeing a solicitor.

“The peace of mind associated with instructing a solicitor to draw up a Will is of immense comfort to a family,” said Frankie Harwood, Head of Wills and Probate at Mander Cruickshank, which has its headquarters in Coalville.

“Unfortunately, there are people who think cutting corners when making a Will is okay, but all too often it is a false economy,” she warned. “They find in their attempt to save what in the big picture is a small sum they end up causing a whole raft of problems for those left behind, which is heart-breaking at a time of great grief, ” she said.

She added that every year many families throughout the land are concerned due to a sizeable number of lost Wills.

“There are people who mistakenly don’t advise where their Will is and after they have gone then they are not there to answer this,” she said.

“When a Will is drafted by a solicitor you can be sure that the document is safe and stored carefully.”

Ms Harwood said everyone should make a Will, especially those with complex family structures and added that it is easy to do.

“Making a Will is generally very straightforward and once it is made there is always a feeling of a weight being lifted as everyone knows that it is a document that should be done,” she added.

Ms Harwood said anyone with any concerns over Wills and Estates should contact the team at Mander Cruickshank on 01530 510666.

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