Kathryn Hicklin, Head of Family Law at QualitySolicitors Mander Cruickshank said the end of relationships will lead to many seeing solicitors in January and February.

“There has been a trend for many years now of increased post-Christmas break-ups where relationships have broken down and the couples go their separate ways,” she said.

“Whilst the end of a relationship is desperately sad many couples are empowered by a new start, and moving on with their lives can sometimes be better for all parties, as sad as it is for loved ones,” she added.

She called on those in troubled relationships to seek professional help early on in the break-down.

“Whilst break ups in many cases are distressing, experts like us know how to limit the damage,” she said.

“As well as advice to help couples move on, experts are there to give reassurance and be a much-needed confidante during what is always one of the darkest times in an individual’s life,” she added.

Office of National Statistics data statistics showed  around 42 per cent of marriages, ended in divorce in the UK in 2012, the last figures on record, which continued a recent downward trend since peaking in the 1990s.

Data has shown though that unmarried couples co-habiting together is now growing significantly and Ms Hicklin said the divorce statistics were skewed due to less marriages taking place.

“Many people now co-habit without marriage, which has a great bearing in statistics,” she added.

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