Spring 2020 update

The partners wish to thank all of our staff for their hard work and resilience at what, to be fair, has been a very challenging start to 2020. With the coronavirus pandemic causing economic meltdown across the globe, we are so grateful for having up to date technological systems that allowed us to move all bar a skeleton crew to homeworking within 48 hours of the lockdown being announced.

As our staff adjust to homeworking, meetings via skype, zoom and MS Teams, Court hearings from whichever room has the best wifi signal and clients unable to access the office, we wanted to ensure that all our staff know that their efforts are greatly appreciated.

We also wish to thank our clients for adapting to the new working environment, and for continuing to trust Mander Cruickshank to look after their affairs.

To that end, we will not be beaten by COVID-19, and we are delighted to release our new Spring 2020 video, to showcase what we, here at Mander Cruickshank, are all about.

Please view it in HD on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/mL5u7In3YUw

It is also on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Enjoy. And Thank You.

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